Saturday, August 2, 2008

Events for Aug. 24 - START PRACTICING!!!

Here's the "final" list of events you can enter. This list is also on the registration form on our XRtainment Zone home page. You can enter one event or multiple events.

Open Division = everyone competes in the same group
Pre-teen = kids 12 and under
Teen+ = kids 13 and older, to adults

DDR: song - "Kick the Can" (light and standard levels)

Guitar Hero on Gamercize (pre-teen & teen+ divisions): song - "My Name is Jonas" (medium)

Bouldering Wall (pre-teen & teen+ divisions)

Wii Olympics (Open Division): Swimming (IM-relay), fencing, track ( 400 m)

Wii Fit (Open Division): ski jump

Makoto (pre-teen & teen+ divisions): Level 3, sudden death

Pre-registration is highly recommended so we can plan the seedings. You can register the morning of Aug. 24 as well, but entry based on space availability.

This supports the Redlands Swim Team, so bring your friends and enter!

For more info, e-mail tournament director Dr. Ernie:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

3rd XRGames Olympics Aug. 24, 2008

7-3-08: This is the newly created blog for upcoming tournaments hosted by the XRtainment Zone. The first tournament featured here is our upcoming 3rd Annual XRGames Olympics, to be held on Aug. 24. Stay tuned as more details become available here in this blog!